Louis Reinstein in Plantation

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Thank you to all of my family, friends, and supporters. I am overwhelmed by the number of friends that took away from their busy daily lives to be at the polls for me, walk doors, call friends, host events, post and share on Facebook and contribute hard earned money and vote for me because for some reason they believed in me. Unfortunately, we did not get the votes we needed to win in Plantation. As I said all along, we needed 2,000+ votes to win. We didn't get it. I called Pete Tingom and congratulated him. Let me also thank my amazing wife Adi and our boys for allowing me to pursue this campaign and to my law firm Bunnell & Woulfe for their support. I cannot thank everyone right now that I want to thank, but I will as soon as I can be in touch. My family and many of my friends went above and beyond and many people I just met worked their tails off to support me---I will forever be grateful. Every step along the way is a life lesson, I just got another one. Now it is time for me to get back to the so very precious family time that drove me to run in the first place...thank you.